Volunteers head to Kentucky to rebuild after historic floods

American Hero

(NewsNation) — In July, 1,300 volunteers from across the nation went to work for eight days in Buffalo, New York, joining forces with local businesses to provide free renovations to more than 200 homes.

It is the third year in a row that the organization Eight Days of Hope has helped the Buffalo community.

Stephen Tybor and his father started volunteering 17 years ago after Hurricane Katrina. Now, almost two decades later, they continue to help cities rebuild. Their next stop: Kentucky — where neighbors are trying to clean up after historic flooding.

“Our goal is simple — we want to help people start the healing process. And with the loss of life in Kentucky, that changes the dynamics a little bit of how we’re going to serve families in need,” Tybor said. “I told the volunteers and our leaders last night, let’s be sensitive, let’s listen. Let people cry on your shoulder. Love on them during the process.”

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