Dad’s postcards go viral as daughter relishes the memories

(NewsNation) — There’s nothing like a father’s love.

That rings true for Lauren Rosa Miller, whose recent social media posts featuring postcards her dad sent her over his lifetime struck a chord with thousands of people online.

Miller, owner of the Miller3 Group and the “Can’t Stay Put” podcast, discussed her posts during an appearance on “Morning in America”.

“I’m super blessed and super grateful that he just had that foresight and intentionality,” she said.

Miller’s father would write her postcards from all of his travels. And as an entrepreneur running his own consulting firm, he would travel a lot.

He wrote her postcards from dinner with Nelson Mandela, from the Million Man March, and he wrote her just to say “I love you.”

“And because he travels so much, he used to always write me and bring the keychains,” she said. “There’s even postcards that I have where I’m actually with him and he says, ‘I’m watching you at the pool, having a good time. Just want to let you know that I love you.'”

He kept the postcards for her for many years and she did not know he had been keeping them until she became his caregiver. Miller’s father has since died, and she takes comfort in having the postcards he sent to her displayed on her wall.

“It’s quite amazing,” she said. “And now that he is an ancestor is just so touching to be able to walk by that wall, and just feel his presence and feel his love.”

Lauren considers herself forever a “daddy’s girl” and cherishes the memories she has of her father, And what better way than share the memory with others in a video dedication on Instagram that went viral.

“It’s just such a wonderful thing as a grown-up to be able to still experience it,” she said. “A father’s love is unmatched. What’s so crazy is he kept these for me all these years later.”

Lauren Rosa Miller and her father. (Credit: Family photo)
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