Workers help reunite toddler with mother after carjacking

(NewsNation) — An Indianapolis mother was filling up her truck at a gas station with her toddler son inside when someone stole the vehicle. However, the ordeal quickly turned into a happy ending when a group of construction workers help reunite her with her son.

The toddler is now back with his mother, partially thanks to Trevor Furr acting quickly to take care of the child and call the police.

The first thing I thought was somebody just had just dropped their baby off at a job site. That was just devastating,” Furr said. “I have a son myself, roughly about the same age as that kid, and it just broke my heart.”

Furr said they looked around and he saw the suspect leaving.

“I didn’t see him back up, but I saw him peel out. That’s what caught my attention, and I turned around, and I was like, what is that,” he recalled. “And it was a car seat sitting on the steps of the construction trailer.”

Furr said a group of workers came together to take care of the toddler, and police were there “within five minutes.”

“We were all very just very thankful that he got back to his mother,” he said.

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