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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — We’ve all needed a little guidance to help us navigate our way through some challenging moments in our careers. If we all had it figured out on our own, we wouldn’t need a mentor.

That’s exactly why NewsNation’s “Banfield” anchor Ashleigh Banfield tackles the importance of mentorship with her new seminar Rising Tide: The Value of Mentoring Others.

“There are a lot of pitfalls that we trip over along the way, and if I’d only had a few people to help me avoid those, I think things would be easier and better. I thought back in the ’80s it didn’t happen very often, especially among women, that we would help each other,” the veteran broadcaster explained on NewsNation’s “Morning in America” as to why mentorship is so important for her to champion.

She continued, “So I finally decided, gosh darned it’s time for me to work that Rolodex and call up all those friends and titans that I’ve met along the way in the industry and ask them, ‘Will you join me once a month to mentor anyone in the business who just wants to ask advice to the people who’ve made it to the top?'”

Rising Tide’s debut kicked off with Banfield discussing the power of mentorship with accomplished television journalist Gayle King.

King encouraged journalists to always be themselves.

“She truly just says the reason why I have risen to the levels that I’ve risen to is that I’ve just been myself, and I haven’t worried about those things. Even though they seemed big, I’ve just gone ahead and done my thing,” Banfield recall of her seminar with King.

“I think that sort of isn’t just a broadcasting rule; I think it’s for everybody. Be yourself, don’t try to pretend, don’t try to put on the smoke show. Just do your thing,” Banfield continued.

As the broadcasting industry evolves, Banfield said she encourages budding journalists to be cautious of what they publish on their digital footprints as they stay current even though things change around us every day.

“Obviously read your digital feeds, but be careful of your own. What you’re going to put out there lasts forever and it will come back to bite you,” Banfield said. “When I say that, I mean what you say, how you say it, how you treat people, how you clap back, how you bite back, all of those things. Be wary of your community. Treat your digital device like it’s a face, like it’s an actual person.”

Each month, Banfield will feature guest VIP Mentors who are leaders in the industry and have agreed to share tips, secrets and career advice. They’ll also answer your questions and engage in a lively interview and discussion.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta will join Banfield for the next free live seminar on Jan. 12 at 3 p.m. EST; click here to register.

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