Bookstores enjoy a renaissance as readers embace real books

(NewsNation) — Bookstores are having a renaissance across the country as people are turning from e-readers to real books, thanks in part to social media.

Zibby Owens owns Zibby’s Bookshop in Santa Monica, California. She also runs a publishing company and hosts a book-focused podcast. She credits “Bookstagram” and “BookTok” influencers for helping boost the joy of reading.

“There’s something timeless about connecting through books and pages and seeing it in your hand,” she told NewsNation.

Author Andrea Dunlop, who wrote “Women Are the Fiercest Creatures,” told NewsNation her experiences with motherhood inspired the book, published by Owens.

“It was a great experience, you know, going through childbirth, and it really sort of put the strength of women in a whole new light for me,” she said.

Dunlop said she hopes other women can relate to her story. Owens said that’s a critical part of what she hopes to do, to bring people together through books.

“Our whole motto is stories are best when shared. And I think that’s really true when you are on a subway or on the bus or on the street or whatever. And you can hold up a book and other people can say, oh my gosh, that’s so good,” she said.

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