Brands to pull away from TJ Maxx amid supply chain issues

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(NewsNation Now) — Bad news for bargain shoppers: Designer brands are expected to be pulled from discount chains like T.J.Maxx, Ross and Burlington due to global supply chain issues.

Designers like Levi’s, Under Armour, Ralph Lauren, Carter’s and Steve Madden have decided to sell their clothing at full price. Typically, discount chains buy premium apparel and shoes for cheap and then sell them to customers at bargain prices but now there isn’t much inventory.

“There’s a limit on the supply chain. There’s money in the system. There’s extra demand, why not go out at full price? It’s going to make all of us work harder,” said retail expert James Dodge.

Brands have had to pivot due to supply and demand. Dodge says the pandemic was a contributing factor in the change.

“The pandemic really disrupted everything. A lot of things simply weren’t being made and people weren’t allowed to go out and shop,” Dodge said.

Dodge predicts stores will balance inventory at six months to a year. He says brands will have to “learn new behaviors” to attract and retain customers.

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