Chicago medics caught in crossfire during shooting

Morning In America

CHICAGO (NewsNation) — Two Chicago medics were caught in the middle of shooting while responding to a routine call.

The medics were driving in their ambulance on their way to a non-emergency transfer when a car drove by with someone hanging out the window and shooting at a nearby cyclist.

Paramedic James Soderlund said the situation was less stressful than one might think.

“It’s not something that happens every day,” Soderlund said. “But you kind of are always thinking that it might, since that’s kind of the nature of the job,”

He said being at work made the decision to rush to help the cyclist an easy one.

“We are here, we have all the equipment to deal with whatever this could possibly be, there was really no thought to it other than to head over there,” he said.

The cyclist turned out to have jumped off their bike and was not injured during the shooting.

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