Couple fights cancer side by side

Morning In America

(NewsNation) — In 2022, nearly 2 million Americans were newly diagnosed with cancer. The good news is that cancer deaths are trending down, but millions of American families are still battling the disease.

Many patients have the good fortune to be surrounded by supportive family. But in some cases, they find themselves fighting the battle together.

Rosemarie and Joe Williams have been together since 1964. They’ve built a life together, and when it comes to in sickness and in health, they took their vows seriously. Both Joe and Rosemarie are battling cancer but they’re facing it down side by side, even during chemotherapy sessions where they sit in chairs next to each other.

Both Joe and Rosemarie have common forms of cancer, and they want to stress the importance of getting checked regularly to increase the odds of successful treatment.

Watch their full story in the player above.

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