Volunteer firefighter replaces veteran’s flag burned in fire

Morning In America

(NewsNation) — Veteran Larry Hickson’s family home for over 30 years was burnt to ashes after a fire engulfed it. Along with it, his American flag.

Volunteer firefighter and veteran Colby McFadden, known for retiring flags around town, noticed Hickson’s flag was burnt. He took it upon himself to retire what was left of Hickson’s flag and brought him a new one.

On “Morning in America,” Hickson thanked McFadden for his act of kindness.

“Right now, I’d like to just say thank you to Colby. He really tested me,” Hickson said. “I saw him walk through my back gate with that flag and it was a good feeling knowing someone cared as much about the flag as I did … It was just very awesome and very warming.”

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