Four strangers with the same name form the Paul O’Sullivan Band

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Chances are you’ve probably googled your name at least once. But whatever you ever come across someone with the same exact name as you?

Paul O’Sullivan, from Baltimore, decided to look for namesakes on Facebook, and not only did he come across one person with the exact same name as him, but three, and they befriended each other.

It turned out all four of them are musicians, and they formed a long-distance internet band — The Paul O’Sullivan Band.

To avoid confusion, they used nicknames based on where they were from. So, in addition to Baltimore Paul, there’s Pennsylvania Paul, Manchester Paul and Rotterdam Paul.

“I think we all kind of experienced a bit of cabin fever with the lockdowns from the pandemic, so when you’re kind of collaborating with people, on the other side of the ocean and Europe and two of us are here in the states, all of a sudden you don’t feel as isolated, and it was very therapeutic and cathartic to be able to just not to feel trapped in your house. And just in general, collaborating with other musicians is always a good time.

The group has created a six-track EP and they are hoping to create an album next, Baltimore Paul said.

While the band has never performed in person, they plan to meet together for the first time in New York in summer 2022.

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