Gun shops face hunting season low on ammo

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) With hunting seasons of various kinds starting across the nation, hunters going to their local gun store to stock up on ammo are finding bare shelves and high prices.

The shortage has been going on for quite a while, since gun purchases skyrocketed during the pandemic. the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates 8.4 million people bought a gun for the first time during the lockdown periods.

Another issue, as with just about everything these days, is the supply chain. Ammunition makers are having trouble getting supplies of powder, bullets and casings. Once the ammunition is made, there are delays getting it out to the shops around the nation.

Nate Oberg, owner of Fox Valley Firearms, told “Morning in America” reporter Aaron Nolan, “We are getting hit on almost every front in one way or another with problems of lack of supply.”

David Andrews, who makes ammo in Abilene, Texas, says primer and powder, two basic components of ammo rounds, are almost impossible to find in bulk. He says, “Put it this way: When things were good, I was doing maybe 30,000 rounds a month. Now, I’m down to maybe 6,000 rounds a month.”

Brandon Powers, chief operating officer of Fireline, says manufacturers are just trying to build what they can with the components they can get, not filling their entire catalogs.

Even at Walmart’s store No. 1, in Bentonville, Arkansas, there are bare ammo shelves in the gun section and a sign saying purchases are limited to three boxes per customer.

Just as with shortages with everything else, conditions may not improve until the labor shortage and supply chain issues are resolved.

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