Holy Weekend: Celebrating Good Friday, Passover in turbulent times

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(NewsNation) — Christian and Judaism faiths will observe religious holy days Friday: Ramadan, Passover and Good Friday.

This year’s celebrations come as many reflect on the lack of peace on earth on the streets of America, and most notably, as war rages on in Ukraine.

Ukrainians in Washington D.C. are praying for hope this weekend.

“The cross and death and resurrection is one of hope and that’s the hope that we see in Christ because when we think of the war in Ukraine it’s a war for freedom,” said Rev. Mark Morozowich of the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine on NewsNation’s Rush Hour.

Christians will celebrate the preamble to Easter, while Jews celebrate the preamble to the Promised Land.

Christians will observe Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified and died on the cross at Calvary. It’s one of the key events in the holy week of Easter and is always the Friday before Easter Sunday, which falls on April 15 this year.

It also coincides with the Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins at sundown on April 15 and will last for eight days. Jews prepare to celebrate God’s deliverance through the Passover Seder.

Meanwhile, the Muslim holiday month of Ramadan, a month of fasting, is already underway. The holy month is about faith goers drawing closer to God.

In rare occurrences, all three faiths celebrate their holy days on the same date.

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