Nonprofit helps vets mentally, physically through skiing

(NewsNation) — A Vermont nonprofit is offering programs designed for veterans dealing with both physical and “invisible” disabilities.

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports has a number of winter activities for veterans to try, to help them with illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

“You think about World War II and Vietnam, where folks are coming back with physical disabilities. But now, with the Persian Gulf Wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, we see more of that invisible disability,” Kim Jackson, spokesperson for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, said on “Morning in America.” “And we know in general that sports and recreation promote that healthy, physical, mental and overall lifestyle.”

“It just provides an opportunity for a safe space for these veterans to come together as a community, which they’re used to being in when they were serving, to be together and just recreate and enjoy the outdoors,” Jackson went on.

Veterans are just one group the organization serves, Jackson said, noting that they help people of “all different abilities.” Vermont Adaptive also offers more than skiing — it has biking and hiking programs in the summer.

To learn more about Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, you can go to their website.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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