How can homeowners deal with rats?

(NewsNation) — Rats can cause major problems for homeowners, from increasing the risk of fires by chewing on wires to creating unsanitary conditions.

Jim and Dave Schuelke, owners of Twin Home Experts, joined NewsNation to discuss what homeowners can do to deal with rats.

It can be a challenge, Dave Schuelke said, because rats are extremely intelligent and are very good at finding gaps and holes to enter a home.

“Their IQ is 105. And the average human is 85 to 115. They are smarter than us,” he said.

But even though people may not want rats as roommates, not everyone wants to kill them. The Schuelke twins developed a rat vacuum designed to extract rats from walls without harming them.

“It extracts them inside of a vacuum and you’re able to catch and release them to the to the wild,” Jim Schuelke explained.

To keep the rats from coming back, the Schuelkes said people should look for a field or other natural area away from buildings to release the rodents.

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