‘Super simple’: Influencer teaches how to upcycle kitchen scraps

(NewsNation) — Using social media, Armen Adamjan wants to help people go green by teaching them how to keep food fresh longer and use the scraps they’d normally throw away.

Adamjan’s videos include tips for cleaning and using scraps as unexpected ingredients, like drying banana peels to make tea or turning dog hair into fertilizer.

“It’s super simple. And that’s why I do what I do is to show people that a lot of the stuff that they think is complicated, it’s actually very easy,” he told NewsNation.

Adamjan also regrows food from mangoes and avocados to pineapples.

“When you buy pineapple at the store, you twist off the top or cut off the top. Most people throw out the top. But if you plant it, this is the top right here. It will eventually grow a new stem and then you get a new pineapple,” he explained.

When it comes to sustainability, he wants his videos to inspire people to look at everyday items in a new way.

“There’s a lot of stuff that you can do with the stuff that we’re throwing out on a daily basis. A lot of stuff that we’re buying at the store is made from the stuff that we’re throwing out. So I just found new ways to recycle and upcycle those things that we call trash,” Adamjan said.

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