LIV Golf accused of using PGA suit for 9/11 families’ data: Report

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(NewsNation) — The PGA’s public relations firm has accused LIV Golf of using its lawsuit against the PGA to track and monitor the activities of 9/11 victims and families, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

The PGA and LIV Golf are entrenched in a monthslong antitrust legal battle. Clout Public Affairs, the PGA’s PR firm, says LIV has subpoenaed their communications with unrelated clients as part of their lawsuit.

Clout also represents a group called 9/11 Justice, which is composed of victims’ families who have long accused the Saudi government of being more involved in the terrorist attacks than is widely believed.

Bloomberg reports that Clout believes LIV has also hired a third party to track some of the 9/11 family members.

“LIV has brazenly hired a firm in the United States to track and monitor the activities of these 9/11 victims and families. … Using antitrust discovery to now sift (through) Clout’s communications with these families, even if they have nothing to do with LIV, golf or golfers,” Clout Public Affairs said in the filing.

The firm explained in the filing that handing over the internal communications to LIV would reveal the names, phone numbers and email addresses of people who have largely worked to keep 9/11 at the forefront of American minds, Bloomberg reported.

The national Chair of 9/11 Families United, Terry Strada, joined “Morning in America” to discuss the new accusations.

Strada said it is outrageous that the Saudi kingdom would be considering doing anything like this.

“We have had this long-going lawsuit against them for years in the courtroom. We are alleging that they are now directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks because we now have the evidence that supports that,” she said. “This is a very desperate attempt on the kingdom’s part to hire another firm to invade the truth and accountability that they are the ones responsible for murdering our loved ones.”

LIV Golf said it believes the PGA is running a “smear campaign” to take it down, organizing American families from 9/11 Justice to protest its events, Bloomberg reported.

LIV’s lawyers have not responded to NewsNation’s request for comment.

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