Long Island grandma sends a scammer to the slammer

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(NewsNation Now) — A 73-year-old grandmother from Long Island was the target of a phone scammer and decided to get some justice of her own.

Grandma Jean, who asked to be identified only by her first name, received a phone call from a man claiming to be her grandson needing $8,000 bail money after a drunken driving incident. But she recognized the call as a scam right away.

“I hang up on them all the time. I don’t know what came over me,” Grandma Jean said during an appearance on “Morning in America”. “I figured I’d play this game.”

Grandma Jean doesn’t have a grandson old enough to be able to drink — or even drive. But Jean played along with the scammer and notified the police.

“I know all the numbers for the police department,” she said.

As a former 911 dispatcher, Jean has heard it all and decided she was not going to become another statistic.

Nassau County police sent several officers to Jean’s home and instructed her to go along with the scam.

“Within the hour, the guy was at my door,” Jean said.

The scammer showed up to her doorstep pretending to be a bail bondsman expecting the money discussed.

Jean answered the door and gave him an envelope full of paper towels instead of cash.

Moments after, several police officers sprang from their hiding places, taking the suspect by surprise and into custody.

All this was captured on her Ring doorbell video.

“I wasn’t scared. It was fun,” she said. “I knew I had the best officers in the world coming here and the police department that I worked for many years. So I knew they could handle it. They were very professional.”

It is unfortunate and infuriating that there are creeps in the world targeting the elderly and scamming them out of their money.

Senior citizens in the U.S. are tricked out of more than $3 billion by scammers every single year, according to the FBI.

According to reports, the 28-year-old suspect attempting to scam Jean has been charged with third-degree attempted grand larceny.

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