Animal rescue efforts underway in Mississippi

  • Rescue efforts aren't only underway for humans, but also for animals
  • All animals at the South Delta Animal Rescue have been accounted for
  • The shelter has received an influx of adoption inquiries

(NewsNation) — Residents across the Mississippi Delta aren’t the only ones recovering after a deadly tornado that tore a path of destruction across Silver City and Rolling Fork. Recovery efforts are also underway for missing or displaced animals.

South Delta Animal Rescue was among the buildings wiped out by the deadly storms. All of the animals at the animal shelter in Rolling Fork have been accounted for.

“We found some under some treetops that have no idea how they survived that,” Alex Frisbee, a South Delta Animal Rescue board member, told NewsNation.

He also said he’s received several inquiries from people wanting to adopt.

“We have had such an outpouring of love and support from the community, from people all across the country who have been asking, how are our pets,” Frisbee. “Do you have anything that I can adopt? And so it’s been really incredible to see just the widespread impact that this has had and then the people that are stepping up.”

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