Moms hold scream sessions to vent pandemic stress

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(NewsNation Now) — A group of moms from Boston has been getting together, not over coffee or playdates, but in the middle of a high school athletic field to scream at the tops of their lungs.

Why? Well, it’s a therapy session of sorts.

“I kept saying, you know, all this rage, all this intense emotion, this grief, this loss, you know, we just need to go into a field and scream and let it out,” Sarah Harmon, therapist and founder of “The School of MOM,” said during an appearance on “Morning in America”.

“The School of MOM” is a community that aims to teach women mindfulness and self-compassion.

“Tools to cope, essentially,” Harmon said.

The group first screamed in March of 2021.

“And then we did it again a couple of weeks ago,” Harmon said. “Because as you know, we’re still in this and in January for parents, especially for moms, has been so challenging, and so defeating, and so it was time to scream again.”

Harmon said women of older generations are coming forward, contacting people who have attended the scream sessions, saying, “We were doing this too when we were, you know, moms of young kids. We’ve been doing this thing and we’ve been doing it quietly.”

“This event allowed women to come together to normalize an emotion, anger and rage that is usually forbidden or taboo for women,” Harmon said. “And so it really has been quite healing and it’s given voice to a whole generation, I think, of women who have been muffling or hiding their screams.”

Would you like to lead a scream? More information can be found on “The School of MOM” website and Instagram.

Watch the full interview with Sarah Harmon in the video player at the top of the page.

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