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(NewsNation Now) — Amazon wants to read your palm — that’s the premise behind the company’s latest high-tech payment system called “Amazon One.”

It’s currently available in more than 60 locations across the U.S., including Amazon Go stores, Amazon Fresh grocery stores, Whole Foods and Amazon’s physical bookstore locations.

To use Amazon One, there is an initial setup process, but it only takes a minute. Users start by putting a card — a credit or debit card already used to shop on Amazon — into a reader already linked to one’s Amazon account.

Next, users hover their palm over the reader. It takes a scan of one palm and then the other. There’s a nifty little animation on the screen to let users know how high to hover their hand and where.

Finally, confirm the Amazon account on a computer screen, and the card is now linked with a user’s palm.

Amazon said it chose palm recognition over other forms of biometric identification since it’s a bit less creepy than other forms of ID, such as a fingerprint or iris scan.

Concerned about COVID-19? The entire process is also contactless from start to finish, unlike tap to pay, which often requires consumers to enter a PIN and sign or tap Credit or Debit on the screen.

Amazon’s palm reading method is handy and fast, but its usefulness is limited. So far, as it’s only available in Amazon stores. On the other hand, tap to pay is very secure, almost as fast and is more universally accessible.

Still, the idea that you can pay for items with the wave of a hand — no phone, wallet or card necessary – is innovative and futuristic. Amazon is already licensing its “just walk out” tech to third party retailers; it seems like the company’s goal is to do the same to expand the reach of Amazon One.

Meanwhile, those who have forgotten their phone or wallet when heading to the airport might still be able to fly, thanks to the new technology.

Delta Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have partnered to bring facial recognition technology to the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

Delta SkyMiles members who use the Fly Delta app and have a TSA PreCheck membership will be able to simply look at a camera to present their digital ID and navigate the airport with greater ease. In this program, a customer’s identity comprises a SkyMiles member number, passport number and Known Traveler Number.

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