News Across America: Woman’s ring blocks stray bullet and wild hogs wreak havoc

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Sacremento, California

A young Placer County woman said her ring may have saved her from a stray bullet.

“I heard a loud bang,” she said. “I dropped my phone and had pain in my hand.”

Because her middle finger began to swell, she had to cut the ring off her hand.

She initially thought she was shot, but rejected the theory because the sliding glass door in her bedroom was still intact. It was the following day that she noticed a shiny object on the floor.

“That’s a bullet,” her dad said after she sent him a photo.

The young couple later learned that a shooting took place on the street about 50 yards from their back fence.

“I am lucky,” she said, not doubting how fortunate it was that she did not get hurt. “I got angels above who weren’t ready for me.”

“Tell your man you want lots of rings … big rings,” she said finding some humor in her experience.

Tampa, Florida

Disney World is kicking off a huge series of celebrations in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Disney is going big for this year’s celebration, announcing an 18-month-long party that includes events across the theme park, at Epcot and the Disney Animal Kingdom.

The celebration will feature a fireworks spectacular as well as a makeover of the Disney castle.

There will be lots for Disney fans to be excited about.

Lafayette, California

Wild pigs are wreaking havoc and destroying property owners’ lawns in Lafayette, California.

Grass trampled and tossed about is the work of some parched and pesky feral hogs.

“They are looking for food. They are looking for water,” said the city’s parks and trails director, who has fielded over a hundred wild hog complaint calls through the years.

“There are a lot of neighbors who are really upset by the damage that has happened,” he said.

The city has dealt with the wild pig problem before.

In 2019, the invasive animals chewed through neighborhoods and athletic fields, causing $25,000 in damage.

Watch the video above to see the damage for yourself.

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