NewsNation’s Nick Smith, veterans mark Veterans Day

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(NewsNation Now) — NewsNation correspondent and veteran Nick Smith marked Veterans Day with other veterans at a VFW post to honor those lost and remember why they served.

Vietnam veteran Roger McGill said the military was a brotherhood and considered everyone brothers regardless of when and where they served.

“We served our country, we love our country. Somebody asked me the other day and even today, would we all do it again,” said McGill. “Everyone standing behind me would do that same thing and do it all over without even thinking about it.”

The veterans at the Niles, Illinois outpost said they have plans to go visit those they have lost at nearby war memorials. McGill said the power of the service for the country and the promise of the American dream can unite the masses.

“It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, where you came from, you have to learn to live with the people that you serve with, you become very good friends with those people,” McGill said. “And it just is the American way of doing things and getting along with people and getting to know other people from all walks of life”

Smith enlisted in the Army at 17, after graduating from high school early. He served six years in the military and that’s where he learned to shoot and edit video. He was stationed in South Carolina and Germany. Smith was emotional, reflecting on the deeper meaning behind serving the country.

“I know we’re divided as a country, but I just feel like we would all be so much better, if people just recognized the value of service to this country,” Smith said to “Morning in America” host Adrienne Bankert. “I continue to believe in the promise of America, Adrienne, I know that we are so much greater than the things that divide us.”

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