North Carolina students learn basics of building a house

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(NewsNation) — One teacher at a North Carolina High School is taking hands-on learning to a new level.

Carpentry teacher Tim Hensey is teaching his students how to build a home. Students at Grimsley High School started constructing one from the ground up in October, according to NewsNation local affiliate WGHP.

“Most of these kids today are like that,” Hensley told the station. “They don’t like sitting in the classroom all the time. When they get to come out and put their hands on things and work with it and have a finished product at the end of it, it’s really amazing to them.”

Through the class, kids are learning all aspects of the electrical trade, Hensley said.

“They learn how to place the studs, how to calculate loads, how to figure concrete, and how to figure your circuit amp capacity. Everything about what a general contractor does on the site,” he added.

Because of the class, Grimsley High School student Machaias Frazier now says he’s considering a career in construction. Previously, the senior had no experience building a house, WGHP reported.

“Ever since I came to this class, I like doing hands-on stuff,” Frazier said.

When it’s complete, the students’ house will be donated to the Tiny House Community Development, a nonprofit organization aiming to reduce homelessness by partnering with people to create tiny home communities.

Frazier said it feels good to help people.

“You think I could be building a house for this person,” he said, according to WGHP.

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