Registered nurse weighs in on Pennsylvania debate

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(NewsNation) — Registered nurse Ann Andrews said the debate between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz has made her consider changing her vote.

Fetterman’s health was a focus of the debate, since he suffered a stroke just five months earlier. He used closed captioning to accommodate for auditory processing issues related to his stroke.

But Andrews said it wasn’t just Fetterman’s health issues that might sway her.

“As a nurse, I do have an understanding of how strokes can affect people and I’m sure he’s processing information appropriately, his doctor has approved his ability to serve,” she said. She said nevertheless, his health does still concern her.

Andrews posed a question about vocational education to the candidates. She said she felt Oz had a better understanding of vocational education and the ways it provides a path to employment right out of high school.

A registered Democrat, Andrews said there are more important things than party affiliation.

“I want to pick someone who aligns with the values that I have,” she said.

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