People tired of ‘Us vs. Them’ mindset: Neb. Gov. hopeful

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(NewsNation) — This year’s primary elections in Nebraska are going to be “very different” than ones from years past, Democratic governor candidate Carol Blood said.

Blood, currently a state senator, said people are tired of the “Us vs. Them” mentality plaguing both political parties.

“People want to bring an adult in the room,” she said.

Blood is expected to win the Democratic nomination for governor over her little-known candidate, who hasn’t been actively campaigning. But a more competitive race is in store for Republicans, featuring Brett Lindstrom, Jim Pillen and Charles Herbster.

According to data from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office, thousands of registered Democrats across the state switched parties at the last minute so they could vote for a more moderate Republican for governor.

That doesn’t concern Blood, though.

“We’ve known since March that that was going to happen,” she said.

Nebraskans want politicians to talk more about the real problems everyday people in the state face, Blood said, but none of the candidates are talking about them.

One of Blood’s potential GOP opponents, Lindstrom, previously tweeted that President Joe Biden continues to demonstrate that he doesn’t care about the struggles everyday Nebraskans are facing, specifically when it comes to immigration.

“(My opponents) want you to be more concerned about what’s going on at the federal level, which is really not our job,” Blood said.

Issues that need to be tackled in Nebraska include worker shortages in several industries, Blood said.

When it comes to immigration, Blood said, Nebraskans don’t want to hire undocumented people. But they do want good bipartisan federal laws to help immigrants gain legal citizenship.

“Our hospitality industry, our (agriculture) industry, our meatpacking plants, heck, you don’t have to look any further than our Med Center to see our scientists and our doctors who come from other countries to know how important immigration is to Nebraska,” she said. “We don’t have the population to fill those jobs.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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