Pilot fatigue on the rise as shortage grows

(NewsNation) — A pilot shortage continues amid high demand for air travel.

Pilots are tired, and those with Southwest and Delta have complained publicly that pilot fatigue is on the rise.

Federal law limits flying time to 30 hours each week, requiring at least 9 hours of rest between trips. But pilots say the disruptions to their schedules are wearing them out before they even hit those federal benchmarks.

The concern is that air safety is being compromised.

Founder and CEO of Jet It Glenn Gonzalez joined “Morning in America” to discuss the pilot shortage and federal safety guidelines for pilots.

“The airlines during COVID, they reduced the number of pilots on staff and tried to cut the staffing wages that they had for those individuals,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez suggests that airlines need to reconsider the age 65 rule, consciously control the amount of hours pilots fly and consider transitioning planes into single pilot platforms now that new technology allows it.

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