California woman pulls neighbors to safety after plane crash

Morning In America

(NewsNation Now) — They always say in an emergency, help your neighbors.

That is exactly what Allison Rea did after a twin-engine plane crashed into her San Diego suburb Monday, killing at least two people and leaving a swath of destruction in its wake.

“All the neighbors heard the explosion and it was extremely loud. So we went outside and you could see the cloud of smoke above the house,” Rea said during an appearance on “Morning in America.”

The plane crashed in Santee, a suburb of 50,000 people, nose-diving into the ground after repeated warnings that it was flying dangerously low, according to a recording.

The Cessna 340 smashed into a UPS van, killing the driver, and then hit houses in broad daylight.

Rea was working from home when “the entire block shook.”

“There was very little warning,” she said. “It sounded like a movie.”

Running toward the explosion, Rea noticed a neighboring house on fire. She began to shout, searching for anyone who might be inside.

“We heard the woman and saw her in the living room,” Rea said. “We were able to get her to the window to come out.”

When asked how about the courage it took to run toward a burning home, Rea said she “honestly didn’t think about it.”

“We just wanted her to get out before it was too late,” she said. “The woman was looking for her dog. I don’t think they knew how bad it was yet.”

The neighbors suffered “burns on their head, their arms, other places,” Rea said.” They’re OK, though.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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