Trucker shortage causing serious supply chain disruptions

(NewsNation Now) — There’s an old saying if you bought it, a truck brought it. But a bottleneck at the ports and a truck driver shortage is causing serious disruptions in the United States supply chain.

There are unprecedented imports coming into California ports, partially from a dramatic increase in online shopping that happened throughout the course of the pandemic, which means that factories worldwide are working overtime to feed American demand.

But the country is seeing a shortage of truck drivers to get that freight off the port and into stores and warehouses, which could lead to an increase in prices for American buyers.

“The drivers should get more appreciated than anything else, because we’re out here every day surviving, fighting everything,” said trucker Mike Highland.

Bonuses are being offered to truckers to keep working and President Biden is taking steps to open the Port of Los Angeles to a 24 seven operation.

“This is the first key step for moving our entire freight transportation and logistical supply chain nationwide to a 24 seven system,” Biden said.

The LA and Long Beach ports account for 40% of all shipping containers entering the United States.

There is little indication of how long the disputation could last, though the longer it wears on could lead to an increase in prices for American buyers.

“I’ve heard six months I’ve heard 18 months I’ve heard a year I’ve heard 2023. Nobody can really pinpoint exactly when the backup is going to stop,” Matt Schrap, CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association said.

For holiday shoppers, the best advice is to buy early.

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