‘So much fear’: University of Idaho student talks life on campus

(NewsNation) — A University of Idaho student says she and her peers are afraid to walk anywhere alone, or even sleep in their own homes, after the stabbing deaths of four students earlier this month.

“There’s so much tension, there’s so much fear,” Megan Stanley said. “With a couple of weeks left in the semester and finals approaching, campus should be full of students and really lively. And I feel like I’m only seeing a handful of students walking around.”

The four University of Idaho students killed were Ethan Chapin, 20; Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Kaylee Goncalves, 21. All four were close friends, and in a fraternity or sorority.

All four were found dead in an off-campus rental home on Nov. 13. They died from stab wounds, and were likely asleep at the time, preliminary findings by a county coroner show.

Many questions remain, as there has been no named suspect yet.

Some of Stanley’s classes have moved online, but for others, the apparel design student has to go in person to use sewing machines and other equipment.

“We all know this is going on, but we don’t really talk about it because for a lot of us, it’s an emotional subject,” Stanley said. “I didn’t know the victims personally, but a lot of my classmates who are in the Greek system did, and it’s a really hard subject to broach.”

While the university has made statements, asking for tips and information, Stanley said she wishes they would do more to make them feel safe.

“Scott Green, our president and Dr. (Blaine) Eckles, the dean of students — I’ve seen them tear up in the press conferences and everything. They’re feeling the same pain that we are,” Stanley said. “But I don’t feel that enough is being really done to reassure us as students or even just as a community.”

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