When should holiday gifts be shipped?

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — We’ve all heard about delays across the board when it comes to shipping and mailing, so how can you make sure your cards and gifts arrive when and where they should? “Morning in America’s” Nick Smith found some answers.

Speaking with Danny Scott, owner of a UPS Store franchise in Chicago, Smith found that the basic answer is to ship earlier than you think you need to, as early as you possibly can.

The general rule of thumb this year is to have international packages on their way by Dec. 9, and all other packages going by Dec. 15. However, there are other factors such as size and weight that can affect those mailing dates. A 2-lb. box that’s of standard shape is going to move through the system faster than a guitar case that weighs 80 lbs.

Scott said Dec. 21 is the cutoff date for UPS 3-Day Select, and that the earlier you get the package dropped off that day the better. That should get your package to its destination by Christmas Eve. However, weather, size of the package and volume can all affect that, so it’s best not to wait.

Small, dense packages are better than large, light ones because they’re sturdier and more likely to arrive in one piece. Whatever the size, though, be sure they’re dropped off and on their way as early as possible.

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