Rival high school steps in for missing team’s band

  • A school bus driver shortage forced one team to play in silence
  • The band director said he was surprised by students’ sportsmanship
  • "We're not as much worried about the competition"

(NewsNation) — A high school came to their rivals’ rescue at a basketball game when a school bus shortage forced one of the teams to play in silence.

It was a tie game in the final quarter between Kentucky’s Martin County High School and Pike Central High School when sportsmanship took center stage.

“There was this beautiful moment: just students supporting students,” said Pike Central band director Jason Johnson. “They weren’t worried about what school they were part of or anything at that moment.”

Johnson admitted even he was reluctant at first when his students began making noise for the other team.

“It was all the students, I just happen to be there facilitating I was a little hesitant,” he said.

Johnson said the organic moment is just something locals are used to.

“We’re not as much worried about the competition as we are just being together and being a community,” he said.

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