Mom of US veteran freed from Russia discusses Griner release

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(NewsNation) — The mother of a U.S. veteran who was captured and held hostage by Russian troops while volunteering to fight in Ukraine joined “NewsNation Live” to discuss Brittney Griner’s release and return home.

Bunny Drueke, the mother of Alex Drueke, explained that while her son’s hostage situation wasn’t the same situation, she was glad the U.S. was able to bring Griner home, but she expressed sadness that the U.S. was not able to help Paul Whelan, another American still detained in Russia, at the same time.

“I can’t speak to how Britney and Paul are being treated. But I do know this: The Russians are not nice to people that they’re holding in captivity,” she said.

Bunny Drueke said her son was very angry that the Russians were not willing to negotiate for Whelan’s release, saying that it was difficult for him to hear the news that a U.S. veteran would not be coming home.

While the mother in her says she would trade anybody to get her son home, Bunny Drueke said the American in her understands and wants the government to make the best choices they can.

Watch Bunny Drueke’s full interview in the player above.

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