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Influx of Haitian migrants, border patrol response spark outrage; Schools see shootings across the U.S.

The Biden administration is facing backlash on two fronts over the recent influx of Haitian migrants at the border, with Democrats condemning the images of Border Patrol agents on horseback aggressively dispersing refugees and Republicans accusing the administration of indiscriminately releasing migrants into the U.S.

Several school shootings have been reported in less than a week across the U.S., including a high school student shot and killed while waiting for a bus.

Amid a growing push to ramp up vaccinations around the country, a North Carolina hospital system is suspending hundreds of employees who refuse to get the shot and warning them their jobs are in jeopardy. 

And a woman’s car was towed away from her home because it was parked in front of a fire hydrant, but she insists she didn’t park it there — and surveillance footage backs up her claim. So, who moved the car, and why?

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