Man tries to abduct barista from coffee stand’s drive-thru window, video shows

(NEXSTAR) – Police in Auburn, Washington, have arrested a suspect in connection with the attempted abduction of a barista from the window of a drive-thru coffee stand.

The incident, which took place early on Monday morning, was caught on the shop’s surveillance camera.

As seen in the video, the barista appeared to be handing the suspect his change when he grabbed her wrist, yanked her toward him, and tried to ensnare her head or arm with a “looped ziptie device,” as police described it in a news release issued to Facebook.

The victim yanked her arm away and evaded the man’s attempt to pull her through the window, at which point he drove off in a four-door truck, the video shows.

In its Facebook post, the department asked the public for any information on the suspect’s identity. Police noted that he had a “unique tattoo” on his left arm reading “Chevrolet.”

The Auburn Police Department had “received a lot of good leads” as of Tuesday morning, according to Officer Kolby Crossley, the public information officer of the Auburn Police Department.

Later that same day, the department announced a suspect had been placed under arrest.

Police in Auburn, Washington, had been searching for a man who attempted to abduct a barista through the drive-thru window of a coffee shop on Monday morning. On Tuesday, a suspect was in custody. (Auburn Police Department)

Police have refrained from naming the location where the attack took place, though several Facebook users were able to determine the coffee shop based on the surveillance video. A worker for the coffee stand later confirmed the incident, and identified herself as the victim seen in the video.

On Tuesday morning, she told Nexstar she was confident the police would be able to track down the suspect.

“The police will find him,” said the worker, who did not reveal her name.

The alleged victim also suggested the suspect was intent on abducting someone that morning, though not necessarily her.

“He was going to do it to someone that day and it happened to be me,” she said.

The worker added that the stand’s owner has provided employees with “mace,” “tasers,” and a panic button, for safety.

“The owner does everything you can imagine for us to try and secure us at work,” she said, which is why she said she’s remained a long-time employee of the shop.

The incident, meanwhile, has left viewers and Auburn residents shocked, with some expressing worry for the continued safety of the victim.

“This is by far the scariest thing I have seen in a while,” one viewer on Facebook wrote. “Women be careful out there. Young women aren’t safe anywhere!”

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