56-year-old achieves dream on college baseball team

  • At 56, Jim Fullan is the oldest player on his college baseball team
  • Fullan is following one of his dreams of being a baseball player
  • He says: ‘Baseball doesn’t care how old you are’

(NewsNation) — Jim Fullan is old enough to be the grandfather of some of his teammates. At 56, he is by far the oldest player on the Montco Mustangs Community College baseball team.

Fullan was in the Army, raised a family, worked as a postmaster and is now following one of his dreams at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

While most parents and grandparents show up to watch their children play a sport, Fullan says it’s “pretty special” to have his own kids and grandkids cheering him on during games.

“It’s different that’s for sure, and it’s unique to say the least,” Fullan told “On Balance” host Leland Vittert during an interview Monday evening.

The possibility of being able to play baseball drove Fullan to apply for college and try out for the team.

“The thought just increased as time went on, and it just became, I wouldn’t say an obsession, but it was just something that I either had to deal with or I need to pursue it. I just felt there was something out there for me to achieve, and that was it,” Fullan said.

But Fullan’s goals don’t stop there. He now has ambitions for his team.

“I’ll never stop having goals. I’m playing next year too. My goal is to get to the playoffs. We’re so close to getting a playoff berth right now. That’s my mission right now is what can I do to help this team get to the playoffs,” Fullan said.

Fullan says his story “shows that once you go in between those white lines that baseball doesn’t care how old you are.”

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