Ciralsky: ‘The Recruit’ a ‘great new take’ on spy genre

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — One of Netflix’s hottest shows is inspired by the experiences of attorney and journalist Adam Ciralsky. “The Recruit,” starring Noah Centineo, is now the No. 1 show in the U.S. on the streaming platform.

The show follows the life of character Owen Hendricks, a lawyer fresh out of law school working for the CIA. As a young lawyer, Ciralsky was recruited by the agency while still in law school.

“It’s a great new take on the spy genre,” Ciralsky told NewsNation host Leland Vittert.

Ciralsky said the series dives into aspects of the CIA that aren’t commonly highlighted in shows.

“It’s a bureaucracy that has this extra coating of secrecy on top of it, but at its core, it has these interesting office dynamics that I don’t think have been explored before. A lot of stuff that’s done in the spy genre is about one exceptional human being, who’s between 30 and 40, a male, and can do anything and everything,” he continued.

In this case, Ciralsky says the series focuses on a character who is “no James Bond” and leans into relatable aspects of the workplace.

“This is what makes the show so relatable … Not a lot of people go to the CIA as a job. Everybody has a first job, though. Whether you’re starting on Wall Street or you’re starting on Main Street, everybody gets that they’re in over their head,” Ciralsky told Vittert.

Ciralsky believes the show has seen streaming success due to the storyline and its amazing cast and creator Alexi Hawley, who was behind “The Rookie.”

“The Recruit” has eight episodes available to watch on Netflix.

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