Congressman: Government engaged in UFO ‘cover-up’

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — In May, the House Intelligence Subcommittee held its first congressional hearing on UFOs in nearly 50 years, just months after the Pentagon promised it would investigate UFO sightings more seriously.

All of that came after The New York Times published cockpit footage from a Navy pilot who encountered a UFO, or unidentified aerial phenomenon as they are formally called, in the air. The Pentagon then said it would make more UAP footage public.

But the government has still not released any finding as to what the objects were, or if they have any information or hunch at all that the objects may have origins outside of Earth.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn) however, believes the government does have more information than it is telling the public.

“I think it’s the biggest cover-up we’ve ever seen,” Burchett said Thrusday on NewsNation’s “On Balance with Leland Vittert.” “The Intelligence Committee reviewed it and I was asked afterwards what I thought about it and I said, ‘We got hosed,’ the American public did.”

Burchett said there is information not being disclosed and he says this confidently, claiming he has talked to multiple Navy pilots who have encountered objects while flying that they have absolutely no explanation for, something Burchett says is absolutely a security risk.

“If we have something in our military airzone that we do not control, dadgummit we’d better be concerned,” Burchett said. “And of course, the question is, ‘Is it the Russians?’ Well, if it was the Russians, you know Putin’s ego, he would land one of the UFOs on the White House lawn, get out bare chested riding a unicorn, punch the president in the mouth, get back on it and fly back.”

Burchett said the only explanations are “one of two things.”

“Either we have captured something, and we are reverse engineering, which some Navy pilots I have talked to think that it is (from the so-called) Skunkworks,” Burchett said. “Or it is something from outer space.”

Burchett doubts it is a “skunkwork,” a term used for a top-secret government project, however, given the UFOs “are defying all laws of physics.”

“Literally, if it was one of our pilots in one of those aircrafts, I mean, they would be basically a ketchup packet,” Burchett said. “They could not stand the (G-force) these things are doing. These aren’t putting off any heat sensors or anything and there’s no friction.”

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