Inflation, upcoming ‘strike wave’ and COVID-19 vaccine mandates for students

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — President Biden is touting the unemployment rate dipping to 4.8% as a good sign for the economy, but what about inflation? NewsNation’s Nancy Loo explains supply chain hiccups that are costing customers money. Financial adviser Rebecca Walser reacts to the jobs report.

Some are also sounding the alarm that a wave of worker strikes could be coming. Rick Berman, a former labor lawyer, joins the show to explain why.

Matthew McConaughey said on a podcast recently he’s worried America’s divisiveness could be its undoing. The Hill’s Judy Kurtz breaks down whether he has a chance to become the next governor of Texas.

Jason Nichols, senior lecturer at the University of Maryland, and Chris Hahn, host of “The Aggressive Progressive” podcast, give their take on recent Democratic infighting.

Liberty Vittert, Washington University-St. Louis professor, shares what the numbers say about support for COVID-19 vaccine mandates in schools.

A fight in a Texas classroom ended with a student shooting multiple people before running away and then being arrested. His family said video proves it was self-defense. Danny Coulson, the FBI’s former deputy assistant director in charge of the Elite Hostage Rescue Team, weighs in.

Are the supply chain issues all because of COVID-19? Gordon Chang explains the disruptions in China being felt around the world.

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