Investigations have little impact on Trump favorability

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — Despite multiple investigations involving the former president, polling shows supporters’ views of Donald Trump have remained largely the same.

According to the most recent New York Times/Siena College poll, voters held nearly identical views as they did earlier in the summer on if they had a favorable view of Trump. Per the poll, 44% of voters viewed Trump favorably, while 53% viewed him unfavorably.

This is almost unchanged, the New York Times reports, from the last poll it did in July during the hearings.

Mike Allen, co-founder of Axios, said when it comes to Trump, those wanting consequences for him are going to have to “play for time.”

“Our reporting shows that the federal investigation into the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago is in an early stage,” Allen said. “So whatever is going to happen there is going to take a while.”

Looking ahead to the November midterm elections, Allen said, Democrats are counting on abortion to be the issue that carries them along.

“The question is — will people vote on that? I can tell you behind the scenes, Republican strategists are saying they’re banking on the fact that even though voters say they vastly disapprove of this Supreme Court decision, they won’t end up voting on that,” he said.

However, he added that a Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that Republicans have a 22-point advantage when it comes to the public testing them on crime. On abortion, Democrats had the advantage — 17 points. Democrats also fared better on climate change, with 21 more points than Republicans.

“So Republicans are ahead in trust on economy, ahead on trust in inflation,” Allen said. “Democrats have abortion.”

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