Missouri state lawmaker against ban on kids carrying guns

(NewsNation) — A proposal to ban minors from carrying some guns on public property without a 21-year-old present failed to advance this week, as Republican lawmakers decided not to include the proposed amendment in a broader crime bill.

Missouri State Rep. Tony Lovasco, who voted against the bill, said he isn’t considering toddlers.

NewsNation’s “On Balance” host Leland Vittert challenged Lovasco’s stance, noting that under current law, there is no minimum age to lawfully possess a firearm.

“That sounds like toddlers to me,” Vittert said.

“I suppose it is technically possible a toddler could have a gun. I don’t know how that would mechanically work,” Lovasco said, claiming that the purpose of the discussion is about juvenile crime.

“The question becomes whether it’s appropriate public policy (to make) the mere possession of a weapon a felony for a child. And I don’t think that’s appropriate at all,” Lovasco said.

Supporters were disappointed Wednesday when an amendment aimed at restoring the language failed in the state House of Representatives on a vote of 104 opposed and 39 in favor.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Watch Lovasco discuss the bill with Vittert in the video player above.

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