North on Uvalde police chief: ‘Human beings are human beings’

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — Pete Arredondo, the chief of police for the Uvalde school district, has been under fire after Texas Department of Safety determined he did not make the right decision when he elected not to send in officers for 40 minutes while an active shooter was inside Robb Elementary.

“That is the sentiment that we are hearing down here: That there is a lot of people who are upset — they are frustrated that they’re aren’t getting answers,” NewsNation’s Robert Sherman said while reporting live from Uvalde during Tuesday’s edition of “On Balance with Leland Vittert.”

“It is worth noting, ever since that statement was made by Texas DPS that this was the wrong decision and it was excusable, we have seen a seismic shift here in terms of the perspective towards law enforcement. A lot of people down here want accountability,” Sherman continued.

Since then, Arredondo — who was supposed to be sworn in to the Uvalde City Council on Tuesday — has not been cooperating with Texas DPS, with reports that he’s been declining interviews.

Despite the police chief’s absence and the reprimand from his superiors, one retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel sees the blunder as human error, and more proof that preventative measures are needed.

“Look, human beings are human beings,” Oliver North said Tuesday as a guest of “On Balance with Leland Vittert.” “It’s one of the things I notice about life when things go wrong: Very rarely is it is malevolent. It’s incompetence,” he continued.

“Bottom line, what we ought to be doing right now is coming up with measures that are going to be effective and making sure that our most precious resource, the children of America, are protected in schools,” North said.

Catch the rest of North’s back and forth with Vittert, including his argument for hardening schools, in the video above.

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