Vittert: Harry & Meghan are here to stay

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — Just when you think it cannot get any worse with Harry and Meghan, we learned the once royal couple cannot even tell the truth about being victims. It’s astounding, really.

Their new Netflix documentary airs soon. They got a reported $100 million from the streaming service for a documentary about their lives and to help with other film projects.

The hardscrabble life of two royals forced to escape palaces and footmen for America. Once in the world’s greatest country, they deal with $20 million book deals, $100 million films, Malibu mansions, private jets, and of course, racism.

Where else could a woman grow up poor and become a princess? Only in America. Where else could the princess then complain about her time on “Deal or No Deal”? They say she was treated like a model. Well, only in America can models claim that they’ve been objectified by being treated like a model. They are the true victims.

Where else could royals from another country, including one who dressed up as a Nazi, sit down with Oprah to tell us that we are all the racist ones? Only in America. But just for a minute here, let’s take them at face value: the Nazi and the objectified model, and assume they are the real victims, kind of like OJ searching for the real killer. You just have to believe them. So, roll the tape.

“No one sees what’s happening behind closed doors. I had to do everything I could to protect my family,” Harry says in the trailer.

Protect them from what, you might ask? The horrible press? The attention? The fame?

They moved to America for their privacy. Like one photo shown in the trailer, it turns out it is not photographers chasing Harry and Meghan. It’s stock images of paparazzi from a movie premiere.

Or there’s another picture from the mash up of images to show Harry’s difficult life. Royal correspondent Robert Jobson commented on one of the photographs used by Netflix.

“This photograph used by Netflix and Harry and Meghan to suggest intrusion by the press is a complete travesty. It was taken from a accredited pool at Archbishop Tutu’s residence in Cape Town. Only three people were in the accredited position. H & M agreed the position. I was there,” Jobson tweeted.

Harry and Meghan moved to America to protect their privacy. Who can forget?

Yeah, nothing says “we want our privacy” like filming every moment of your life, your private life, for a documentary. To be fair, we can’t really blame them. It’s not the royals’ fault. They keep making millions, telling us how horrible we Americans are. It’s a skill, really. But at long last, after all of this, can we at least ask them to tell the truth when they are claiming to be victims?

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