Texas high school postpones graduation due to diploma ineligibility

  • A Texas high school postponed graduation over ineligible students
  • Superintendent Darryl Henson emphasized upholding academic standards
  • Henson: The guidelines are the guidelines

(NewsNation) — A Texas high school abruptly postponed its graduation ceremony because it was discovered most of the seniors were found ineligible to graduate.

To maintain eligibility, students at the high school needed to have passed all of their courses and needed to maintain a 90% attendance record throughout all eight semesters. 

Initially, only five of 33 students were eligible to graduate.

Marlin Independent School District superintendent Darryl Henson joined “On Balance With Leland Vittert” and emphasized the district’s commitment to upholding academic standards.

Hudson explained that all seniors, as well as underclassmen, have graduation plans in place. However, to meet Texas requirements, students must attend classes consistently and accumulate at least 90% attendance.

“In August, every senior down to freshmen has a graduation plan,” Henson said. “But you have to make sure that you attend classes every day and pass all your courses. In Texas, we have a 90% attendance rule. And you have to be in class for 90% of the time.”

Despite parental discontent, Hudson emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of diplomas and preparing students for success beyond high school.

“I definitely understand the emotions of parents,” he said. “So we have talked to parents and worked with parents. And we felt that it was best to provide additional time, support and resources to ensure that every student can meet the requirements outlined by the Texas Education Agency.”

Regarding the delay in graduation for some students, Hudson told NewsNation that 27 students were now eligible for graduation, with three awaiting the final audit.

Originally, a graduation ceremony was planned for the last day of school. However, due to inaccuracies reported by local media regarding course completion, additional audits were required to verify the integrity of each student’s coursework.

“The standard is the standard and the guidelines are the guidelines,” he said.” And I have to ensure that every student enrolled in ISP meets the standards outlined by the state of Texas.”

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