Vittert: Daylight saving time switching is ‘stupid’

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — This weekend, we will all engage in one of the more profoundly stupid American activities. No, I am not talking about the last few days of the election and the even crazier ads.

On Sunday morning, we will fall back from daylight saving time to standard time.

Daylight saving time is really two lies for the price of one. It is not really the correct time, and it does not save daylight.

Daylight can’t be created or destroyed, even by the government.

We are just shifting daylight around, which is, in a word, stupid.

You know that because if we called it by its name, daylight shifting time, it would sound stupid. But that’s the law. You spring forward to daylight saving time for extra light at night and fall back to standard time for extra light in the morning.

In March, Professor Liberty Vittert of Washington University joined “On Balance” to explain we participate in this charade to begin with:

Before standard time was “standard time” and we had daylight saving time, standard time was just time. The concept of daylight saving time was created. Our bodies, for centuries, have been getting in the rhythm of standard time. Statistically speaking it makes your sleep much worse. There’s no telling how long it will take for our bodies to get back onto this rhythm. It also hurts mental health and certainly in terms of crime. What they show very specifically is robberies go down but violent crime goes way up. So which one would you prefer? I think it’s a clear answer.

liberty Vittert on march 17, 2022’s edition of “on balance with leland vittert”

So, to recap, it creates all sorts of issues and it’s utterly confusing. If it’s not to you, it certainly is to me.

The Senate passed a bill making daylight saving time permanent rather than having us live on standard time. Never mind we’ve lived for hundreds of years on standard time and it’s just fine.

Almost two-thirds of Americans want an end to this stupidity, but like term limits and other painfully obvious things we, the customer, want, our politicians won’t give it to us.

In a moment of rare sanity, the Senate agreed unanimously to end the switch and keep us essentially on summer time all year long. They normally can’t agree unanimously on puppies being cute, but it must pass the House before January, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among others, says they have higher priorities. Shocking.

And what could be more important than ending the stupidly of daylight shifting time?

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tomorrow night.

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