Vittert: Protesters stand up to Chinese leaders, but not US

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — China tells the truth. Well, not really the truth, but at least they showed us their hand. We would be wise to listen.

“The price of ‘freedom’ in the US: 1 million Covid deaths + 40,000 gun deaths per year + 107,622 Fentanyl deaths in 2021 alone. The American people deserve something far better than that. What we want is to protect our people’s lives and ensure them a better life,” Hua Chunying, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, tweeted.

In fact, the Chinese Foreign Ministry is correct. We here in America do deserve better. But we are not getting it from our politicians because they continue to cave to China.

Case in point: Brave Chinese protesters go to the streets, they face certain arrest and torture, but they do it anyway to demand freedom.

This is how the White House has responded:

“We’re not taking a side. In terms of what these protesters are about, largely though, Steve, you know that these protesters are really out there about the lockdown,” said John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications for the National Security Council.

We’re not taking a side. Those are the Chinese Communist Party’s talking points coming from the White House North Lawn.

Oh, it’s just about a few people who are upset about COVID. Nothing to see here. No wonder the Chinese Foreign Ministry thinks they can lecture us.

Let’s break down that tweet. Just go through it here. You remember when they said the cost of freedom in America, who would want freedom when you could have stormtroopers in hazmat suits ripping kids from their parents to enforce COVID-Zero policies? Who would want freedom when you can have goons searching your phone on the street checking for evidence of protesting? Of course nobody would want freedom then. Who wants freedom when you can have drones flying in the sky at all times of the day and at night watching your every move, or facial recognition software on every single street giving you a social score?

As the saying goes, freedom isn’t free. Let’s go through the Chinese price list: 1 million COVID deaths. China gave us the coronavirus. Let’s be honest, it likely came from a Chinese bio weapons lab. But either way, they are lying and covering up early during COVID as the Chinese undoubtedly did. Even the World Health Organization admits that the fact that they initially lied and covered up made the pandemic much worse than it might have been.

The Chinese are admitting they killed 1 million Americans, yet we have done nothing to them.

The 40,000 gun deaths a year? It’s true, and it’s tragic. The majority of those are from suicide. But think about that. Why would China want us here in America worried about guns? People in China do not get to own guns. Of course not. A population with guns wouldn’t put up with stormtroopers in bio suits taking their children.

Now to the next cost of freedom as defined by the Chinese foreign ministry: 107,000 fentanyl deaths. Again tragic, but it’s mostly caused by fentanyl from China. They are the number one supplier of fentanyl to America. And again, we do nothing. If the Chinese wanted to shut the federal trade down, they could. You saw what they do to shut down COVID. They could do that to shut down fentanyl.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry just took using our freedoms against us to another level. And why should China think we will ever stand up for ourselves? Decades of American presidents from both parties have done nothing.

The Chinese continue to buy up American farmland to control our food supply. The Chinese continue to expand their nuclear arsenal using stolen American technology. The Chinese continue to build new hypersonic missiles and stealth aircraft, again, with stolen technology. The Chinese continue to steal the best of American economic and manufacturing secrets for their own companies. The Chinese continue to send spies disguised as university students to learn from the best and brightest in American universities. I could go on.

But let’s look at the American response. Apple, America’s most valuable company, continues to bend the knee to China. As we told you Tuesday night, Apple CEO Tim Cook sold out the Chinese protesters and hands over their data to Xi Jinping’s goons,

Apple allowed itself to become a subsidiary of the Communist Party, at least as it relates to business in China. In fact, Apple turned off an iPhone feature the protesters had been using to get around China’s Great Firewall. Apple sold everybody out for the mighty one.

Speaking of Xi Jinping, also known as China’s strongman or president for life or king, call him what you want, the protesters in his country wants something beyond just an end of COVID lockdowns and they want to go beyond the end of COVID-Zero as policy to prove China is better at dealing with COVID than the West. They want an end to Xi Jinping.

This is the moment, right? Freedom-loving people want the end of a regime that poses the single greatest threat to America. This is the time that an American president finally says enough.

Sadly enough, President Biden won’t even talk to the press about what’s happening in China. Instead, he sends out his spokesman to answer questions, who said this:

“The president is not gonna speak for protesters around the world. They’re speaking for themselves.”

Yeah, and evidently we’re not going to take sides, either. Think about that for a second. People in China are more willing to stand up to the Chinese government than we are.

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