Vittert: Simmie from Philadelphia deserves more

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(NewsNation) — We’ve all heard of Michael Brown, George Floyd and Eric Garner, but you have probably never heard of James Lambert. His killing doesn’t fit the narrative of America’s biggest news organizations.

Video captured his brutal killing — he’s 73 years old. Family members called him Simmie. Seven teens allegedly murdered him for no reason June 24.

You’ve never heard his name because he’s Black and those that killed him are Black. You might hear about him now, because they arrested a 10-year-old in the case.

You read that right.

Our streets are lawless to the point that 10-year-olds commit murder at 3 a.m. and nobody cares.

Despite the details in this case, it’s not a national story. We heard about it because of a Facebook post from Patty Pat writing about her Philadelphia neighborhood.

“Where are those preaching council members? Where’s the pastors? Where’s the MEN in the neighborhood. MOTHERS IN CHARGE? Black Lives Matter? Crickets. No Lives Matter here. And your Silence is a damned disgrace. I guess these 7 killers don’t make you angry enough to set the City ablaze and loot the Foot Lockers, Forman Mills and Wal-Marts,” she wrote.

One more group you haven’t heard from is the national media — and you likely won’t.

You might remember this time last week, we noted that more people died over the July 4 weekend on Chicago’s south side than died in the Highland Park parade shooting.

CNN eventually paid attention. Over the weekend — a week later — their front page cried, “More people died in Chicago July 4th weekend than in Highland Park.”

Maybe by next weekend, they will cover Simmie’s murder.

Two teens — a 10- and 14-year-old — turned themselves in. They will be prosecuted by one of America’s wokest district attorneys. Here are some of Larry Krasner’s policies:

  • Never pursue death penalty
  • Reject stop-and-frisk
  • Reform cash bail system
  • Stop abuse of civil asset forfeiture
  • Alternatives to incarceration

And they are working. Of the 1,226 shootings this year in Philadelphia, 79% percent don’t have a court case associated with the crime — nobody has been charged.

Of course, in New York we know who they are charging — the bodega worker who tried to defend himself against a career criminal.

Jose Alba told his attacker he didn’t want any trouble moments before the man grabbed him. New video shows the attacker’s girlfriend may have stabbed Alba during the fight with her own knife.

The story is gaining national attention because the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg quickly charged Alba. As of now, the woman isn’t facing any charges that we know of.

Keep in mind, Bragg is pushing progressive policies that allow many convicted criminals back on the street. He’s not the only one.

In San Francisco, voters recalled Chesa Boudin because of a spike in crime that some believe are tied to loose bail policies.

A similar effort is unfolding in Philadelphia, where Krasner faces a possible impeachment.

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