Vittert: The future of socialized medicine is already here

(NewsNation) — Very rarely can you actually see the future, but the future of socialized medicine is already here. You just need to look at the United Kingdom to see the future of healthcare in America.

This week, a nurses and ambulance drivers strike delivered predictable results, with some hospital officials in the UK warning: “We are very likely to see people with suspected strokes or heart attacks, being asked to make their own way to hospital.”

In these circumstances, it’s unlikely that an elderly person who has fallen at home would get help either.

Elizabeth Davies didn’t get an ambulance. The 93-year-old was left screaming in pain on the floor. She waited 25 hours for an ambulance.

The Welsh ambulance service now apologizes. The woman’s home care and family made 10 calls for help after she fell.

Predictably, the Brits say it’s the worst it’s been in seven years, right? Because socialized medicine never gets better. It just keeps getting worse.

A quick check of the British National Healthcare System website shows a sick child will wait 14 weeks, more than three months, for their first appointment with a surgeon.

Well, why are we talking about the health care system in Britain just a few days before Christmas in America? Because that system could be coming here.

The COVID emergency is all about Medicaid, writes a Wall Street Journal op-ed. The program was designed as a safety net, but the Biden administration wants to expand it beyond that.

Medicaid is the pathway to Bernie Sanders’ health care utopia, which has predictable results. Just look over the pond at the United Kingdom.

The late great Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher explained the problem with socialized medicine:

“I think they’ve made the biggest financial mess that any government’s ever made in this country for a very long time. And socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

Effectively, they have run out of other people’s money in the UK right now. We have seen the future. Now we have to decide if we want that same future here in America.

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