Vittert: US made severe blunder giving new tech to China

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — The only thing worse than China stealing all our technology is us giving it to them, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

This isn’t just any technology, its breakthrough battery technology that can change the way the world deals with energy. Remember, green energy is everything these days. President Biden says it’s the future.

We are going to spend hundreds and hundreds of billions in your taxpayer money, that we don’t have, in order to invest in green energy.

So giving them our best battery technology is akin to giving the Soviets our best microchip and computer technology in the 1970s. It’s unthinkable.

A blockbuster NPR report shows America under the Trump administration giving China the best of the best American battery technology. And now the Biden administration proposes spending hundreds of billions of dollars to subsidize buying, among other things, batteries from China.

These batteries will literally change the world and they were made American, through and through.

Here is how NPR describes the situation:

“They were building a battery — a vanadium redox flow battery — based on a design created by two dozen U.S. scientists at a government lab. The batteries were about the size of a refrigerator, held enough energy to power a house, and could be used for decades. The engineers pictured people plunking them down next to their air conditioners, attaching solar panels to them, and everyone living happily ever after off the grid.”

It sounds like science fiction, but…

“It was beyond promise,” Chris Howard, one of the engineers who worked there for a U.S. company called Uni-Energy, told NPR. “We were seeing it functioning as designed, as expected.”

Again, a battery the size of a refrigerator able to power a house, which lasts 30 years. We did it.

The Department of Energy under President Trump leased the technology to China. And then the Department of Energy under President Biden transferred the technology fully to China.

In 2017, Rick Perry ran DOE. He’s the former Republican governor of Texas. In 2021, Jennifer Granholm ran the DOE. She is the former governor of Michigan. Their combined incompetence means the game changer in clean energy isn’t made in America.

Specifically, they’re not made in Washington state, but rather in Dalian, China — 5,200 miles away.

Think about the battery. Size of a fridge, can power a house. Can be used for decades and is rechargeable with solar. Again, they didn’t steal this technology, we gave them it to them.

Its the same kind of technology that might be useful, say, in a war. Troops fighting that war could use these batteries rather than needing resupply of diesel fuel for generators. Who now has that technology? The Chinese.

Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan a few hours ago after meeting with the country’s president. As we predicted, the Chinese didn’t shoot her plane down or otherwise harass American forces.

But right now, China’s military surrounds Taiwan and for the next six days will conduct live fire drills. 90% of the world’s advanced computer chips come from Taiwan.

For China, economic warfare and the real deal go hand in hand. As Clausewitz would say “war is politics by other means.”

They don’t have to invade Taiwan. They can just cut it off.

Where is America is that situation? It’s not good.

The South China Sea hosts a quarter of the world’s trade, thousands of islands … islands the batteries would work wonders on.

Of course, under President Xi, China views the People’s Liberation army, the Communist Party and every business in China as one big happy family. China’s stolen much of our best technology. To make their own airliners. To make their night vision gear. To develop drugs. And to build their weapons systems.

So China doesn’t have to actually win a war against America. They can win the economic war. And on game changing technology, batteries that can change the energy dynamic across the globe. Well, America — under both presidents Trump and Biden — surrendered without firing a shot.

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