Vittert: Ye’s meltdown hits a new low

On Balance with Leland Vittert

(NewsNation) — We try hard to make our show the smartest, most relevant hour of TV on cable news. Your time is valuable. We don’t want to waste it, which is why we’ve stayed away from the antisemitic rants of Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

The rapper is reportedly suffering another bout of mental illness and off his meds. But for some reason, people in the media continue to give him a platform to spew his vile nonsense.

Thursday afternoon, Ye sat down with Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who is best known for saying crisis actors staged the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“You’re not a Nazi. You don’t deserve to be called out and demonized,” Jones told Ye.

Ye replied: “I see good things about Hitler, also. Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

So yes, you are a Nazi. When Alex Jones sounds like the sane one, well, then that’s saying everything you need to know.

For a long time, giving Ye airtime for his ramblings seemed no different than letting David Duke talk about white supremacy or Nick Fuentes deny the Holocaust.

Fuentes, as you may remember, is the guy who had dinner with Donald Trump just a week ago. The former president of the United States invited Kanye and Fuentes to dinner, so what Kanye now says, even if he’s wearing a hood over his head, is regrettably news.

“I’ve really studied a lot of history, plus I had family that was there. And so, I mean, I don’t think Hitler was a good guy,” Jones said in the interview with Ye. “I get the Hugo Boss uniforms, amazing. But I mean, just because you’re in love with the design, you’re a designer, can we just kind of say, like, you liked it? You liked the uniforms, but that’s about all?”

Ye answered: “No, I’d say there’s a lot of things that I love about Hitler, a lot of things.”

I’m told that the mask thing for Kanye is normal, so don’t be alarmed when watching the video.

There you have it. We’ve established that Kanye West is a Nazi-loving bigot and hopefully the rest of the media will deny him the forum to spread his hate going forward once and for all. We here on this program certainly will.

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