‘Voters feel like they’re being gaslighted’: RFK Jr. on Biden

  • RFK Jr.: Democrats, independents 'want an alternative'
  • Kennedy discusses how he compares to Biden in current polls
  • Kennedy also claims MSNBC is shutting him out

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(NewsNation) — Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims Americans are “being gaslighted” by President Joe Biden.

“Biden is campaigning on this idea that he’s bought prosperity to this country,” Kennedy said Friday night on NewsNation. “But they’re not seeing prosperity in their lives.”

Kennedy joined “On Balance With Leland Vittert” to discuss how he’d approach Biden’s campaign differently if he were in the president’s position.

According to a new CNN poll released Thursday, two-thirds of Democrat voters say the party should not nominate Biden.

And despite never holding elective office, Kennedy’s campaign has generated attention within the party.

“I feel very optimistic. People feel that I am hearing them and … they want an alternative. These are traditional Democrats. And the independent, Republican voters, as well, who feel homeless now” are expressing interest, Kennedy said.

In the latest national post-debate polls, Kennedy is polling at 13%. By comparison, GOP candidate, Ron DeSantis is polling at 13%, Vivek Ramaswamy is at 8% and Nikki Haley is at 6%.

Kennedy claimed he isn’t getting a fair shot in the election and that networks including MSNBC aren’t taking him seriously.

While Kennedy has committed to the Democrat Party, his views don’t always resonate with Democratic voters. His position on gun control runs contrary to many in the party and his anti-vaccination views are also opposed by many on the left. He’s also opposed U.S. aid to Ukraine, something some Republicans have opposed.

Kennedy has additionally been accused of making racist and antisemitic remarks and promoting online conspiracy theories. He has denied those accusations.

To succeed against Biden, NewsNation political editor Chris Stirewalt said Kennedy must resist efforts by Democrats to brand him as a danger to the party and must shape his own identity.

NewsNation’s Stephanie Whiteside contributed to this report.

On Balance with Leland Vittert

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